Onsite Activities

Golden Cupids Hotel is located in a peaceful atmosphere, there’re many activities guest can enjoy in the hotel area:

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Yoga in peaceful gardens
  • Bicycling from the hotel to nearby areas
  • Take Thai/Thai Oil traditional massages
  • Enjoy our fresh herbals steam room
  • Meditate in the meditation hall
  • Experience Thai cooking and market tour
  • Learn about ELM (Eternal Love Meditation)by American or Japanese instructor (please check availability before arrival)
  • Learn Reiki from Japanese healer (please check availability before arrival)
  • Take swimming lesson by Japanese instructor (please check availability before arrival)

Outside Activities

Chiang Mai is considered to be one of the most charming cities in Thailand, there are many beautiful natures and cultures. As the result, there are varieties of activities :-

  • Visit to beautiful temple, especially Doi Suthep, Jedi Luang, Phra Singha, and Umong temples.
  • Elephant camps, there are many elephant camps in Chiang Mai, where you can see spectacular shows, take picture with them and feed them with bananas and sugar canes as rewards and ride on them to a short trek, also if you have time please visit baby elephants.
  • Elephant rescue homes, there are also many rescue homes for elephants where you can learn about Asia elephants, how to feed them and how to take care of them, there’re camps who offer riding or no riding programs so you can choose. Usually the program is for half day – one full day.
  • Market tours, Thailand is the land of food! Take opportunity to explore how Thai eats, there are so many fresh vegetables and fruits all year round with incredible cheap price!
  • Saturday, Sunday and Night Markets, there’re big choices of souvenirs you can buy.
  • Handicraft villages, umbrella factory, wood crafting.
  • Waterfalls, Chiang Mai have many waterfalls, the most recommend is Bau Tong Waterfall which take about 40 minutes from the hotel by car, the special of this waterfall is non-slippery so you can walk up and down in the waterfall!
  • Coffee shops, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai can grow their own coffee, so there’re so many good coffee shops in the area, we suggest two good coffee shops near us; Have A Hug Coffee – about 800 meter from us, and 103 Coffee shop – about 1.5 Km from us.
  • Doi Inthanon National Park, the highest peak of Thailand, visit beautiful pagodas, waterfall, nature trekking, and hill tribe market.
  • River cruise, spend relaxing time at Ping River with beautiful scenery along the river.
  • Ancient city of Kum Kam, the ancient city that was built before Chiang Mai, later the whole city was flooded and buried under the ground for hundreds year.
  • Caves, the most famous cave in Chiang Mai is Chiang Dao cave, you can explore the cave under the care of local tour guide.
  • Hot Springs, soak yourself in the public or private room at Hot Spring, please avoid going there in the long holiday because there will be so many people there.